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domenica 7 agosto 2016

Somebody to love.

Qualcuno ieri si mi ha detto che mi rispetta perché nonostante tutta la cacca che mi è successa e per la gran parte, vomitata da qualcun* che ha tradito fiducia e sentimenti, sono ancora qua. Ebbene, non è per la gran parte di voi che sono qui perché la voglia di mollare è e rimane tanta. E' perché incontri persone che capiscono e che non approvano certi comportamenti più o meno difesi e protetti dalle leggi correnti. Così come non approvo il vedere donne ammazzate per estremo narcisismo, così non approvo né uomini e né donne uccise dentro dallo stesso identico sentimento.
E' perché qualcuno ha capito e probabilmente ci ha già sbattuto il muso o a visto che effetto fa sull'amic*  chè è finit* nelle grinfie di persone senza morale guidate solo dal loro interesse.

Così mi arriva sta roba o mi si avvicina chi pubblica questa roba. L'inglese da il valore della portata dell'abuso che si nasconde dietro una sudicia facciata di perbenismo.


The point is when people started to change, they usually perefere their old own shit than be better.

Such easy.

When is respectful, sure.


Girls, close your eyes and imagine you have a son. Imagine he is dating a "woman" like you. Did you smile? No? Than change.

His secret desire is to be ravished, lovely involved in a unbearable pleasure, and taken fully open to love by a woman of deep spiritual wisdom, strength, humor, sensivity and integrity.

A man who uses a woman for his own sexual gratification, but belittles her into thinking she is no good in bed, is not a dominant personality, but a submissive one. 
Diana Hunter, New York Moment
(via daddyinmichigan)

BDSM Shaded Down to Opaque

 I am a submissive. A babygirl to be specific. My submission comes in the shade of childlike wonder and eagerness for approval. I am 50 shades of pink. And 50 shades of misunderstood.
Don’t assume you know what Bdsm or Lifestyle is. And certainly don’t look to best selling fiction or Hollywood fanfare to give you an accurate description.
You know what submission is? It’s telling your Dominant that you hate your body and you’re afraid of being naked. And them giving you not only an order to be bare, but permission to expose your fears safely. It’s them insisting on you accepting yourself because they already do.
Submission is focus. On you. On them. On your relationship. On your goals. It’s guidance on bettering aspects of your life, and your life together. Far beyond sexuality. Far beyond selfish motives.
Submission isn’t always blindfolds and being tied up. It isn’t being pushed to say your safeword. It isn’t always leather. It isn’t always scenes. It isn’t a perversity. Or abomination.
Being submissive takes courage and a pride in oneself. It’s giving someone the absolute best parts of who you are…and those things not only being appreciated, but valued. Openly, publicly, honestly.
It has become easier for someone to come out as being gay or lesbian or transgendered than to admit they hold a place in the Lifestyle community. That saddens me. What amazing people I know in these circles. Colorful, educated, successful beings.
Bdsm isn’t abuse. It isn’t cowering and confusion. It isn’t only one person in the relationship holding all the cards and getting all the benefits.
Bdsm is exploration, honesty, accountability, communication, diversity, and most importantly acceptance in your unique sexuality and defining personality.
To be truthful…if you were to make an actual movie or write a book on a true D/s interaction, people would be bored through 21 of the 24 chapters. 29 minutes of the movie would hold attention.
Submission is beautiful and earnest. And it takes a strong courageous person to attempt it or explore it.
I’m proud to be recognized as one of those said people. And if you’re one of those who hold it in regard as well…I’m proud to be in a community with you. And I’ll tell you in 50 different ways.

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